The CD "The Flight" is an amazing experience of truths and beliefs delivered in a way only Cindy Paul could deliver It. A Fantastic journey through so many depths of experiences. I love the first song "Man I raised".It has a sweet Appalachian and cross Native sound and rhythm that mesmerizes the listener. "The Flight " reminds us of experiences we have had in our lifetimes. One of my Favorites on the CD is "Somebody's Daughter " it really hits home and I have seen so many like this. Cindy brings truths to the forefront with her Beautiful country flavor and style that only she can. I love her throaty delivery and she has a huge heart that can be heard in every word of every song she writes and sings. She is a rising star which I am so honored to be able to play on our radio show. I predict this young Sister will become a super star of 2017 which I feel is long overdo. Hurrah to you Cindy a spectacular CD. A'HO!!!!” - Doc Shadowbear

— The Gathering WELTFM Indiana, US

Say Magazine Larry Knudsen
From Alberta, Cindy Paul is Metis and Cree and has a beautiful creamy voice that wants to sing you a country song.  Her title track has enthralled many and quickly became a favorite of Moccasin Tracks.  She sings to contemporary issues like Somebody’s Daughter speaks to gender violence.  play all.” - Deb Reger

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