Music & Healing Arts Workshops 

Performances, presentations and workshops focused on creativity and healing through music, art and natural health therapies. Ideal for conferences, community gatherings and events.

Class Performance and Storytelling

Music and Songwriting Instruction

Living in Balance – Natural Health and Healing Techniques

Healing through Song

Art Therapy, Cartooning, Painting

Traditional Beadwork & Crafts

Sewing - Moss Bags, Ribbon Skirts

Cindy is a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Practical Nurse and Doula, certified to facilitate the Traditional Parenting Program, Circle of Security Parenting Program and Infant Massage Therapy.

School Mural Project with ArtsCan Circle

Attawapiskat First Nation, Ontario

"I Wish I Could fly" Song created with ArtsCan Circle

Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario

ArtsCan Circle is a registered charity dedicated to linking creative artists with indigenous youth in northern indigenous communities, sending teams of indigenous and non-indigenous musicians and artists to engage children and youth in northern indigenous communities in creative art workshops. Their mission is to teach new skills, promote self-esteem and creative self-expression. Cindy has facilitated many music and art workshops throughout Canada with ArtsCan and provides cultural, grassroots and lived insights an advisory board member. 

Cindy is excited to a part of the Inpath team working with both the Quebec Cree School Board Mik Chiyam Program and the NweJinan Intergrative Arts Program offering programming through creative residencies where Indigenous youth learn from artists and peers, developing transferable skills through art-making that they can apply to their lives in a broader sense.

Dene Tha First Nation Hunting Trip with Arthur Redcloud

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